Metallic Glitter-Set – 10 Colours

Come and join the new glitter-world of JOLLY! Using this new glitter-set consisting of 5 fibre tipped pens & 5 coloured pencils you can create special metallic effects on your drawings!
JOLLY-tip: Use black paper!


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Glitter-Set – 5 Coloured Pencils & 5 Fibre Tipped Pens

JOLLY is sparkling now! With the new glitter-set you are able to give your drawings a special metallic touch – both on light or dark paper. The combination of colouring pencils and fibre tipped pens is a special highlight not only for kids. Moreover, you can use the fibre tipped pens also on rough surfaces or on objects (especially dark ones) to create sparkling effects.
You can have your name printed on each coloured pencil / fibre tipped pen in order to prevent any losses and make it obvious whom the pencils / fibre tipped pens belong to!

The set includes the following 10 colours:


  • 5 coloured pencils (hexagonal)
  • 5 fibre tipped pens (round)
  • break-resistant
  • suitable for children
  • waterproof
  • wooden barrel lacquered in lead colour
  • non-toxic

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 96x211x12mm
  • Weight: 82g
  • Coloured Pencils:
    • Lead diameter: 3,8mm
    • Pencil diameter: 8mm
    • Pencil length: 178mm
  • Fibre Tipp Pen:
    • Pen diameter: 10mm
    • Pen length: 153mm