SuperinkySoft gripSuitable for left and right handed users

Product description:

  • stable nib
  • rubber-coated grip – longlasting writing-fun
  • protection against rolling off the desk

Fountain Pen
Superinky NATURE


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Write naturally with Superinky NATURE!

The fountain pen has a stable nib and a rubber-coated grip – especially moulded so as to allow the user to hold the pen especially conveniently for a long time.
Moreover, Superinky NATURE has a special protection against rolling away – preventing the pen from rolling off the desk. Superinky NATURE is available in lacquered maplewood with a JOLLY-green cap.

Thanks to the selected name printed on the cap, no one will take somebody else’s things any more – because everyone will know who the pen belongs to!


  • for left- and right-handers
  • rubber-coated grip
  • replaceable nib
  • protection against rolling away
  • cap including clip
  • CE
  • non-toxic

Technical details

  • dimensions: 225x85x20 mm
  • weight: 50.10 g

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