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  • 16 Colouring Pencils Supersticks Pastellmix
  • 12 Fibre Tipped Pens Superstars Duo
  • Drawing Pad, A4
  • Colouring Roll Starter
  • Duo-Sparpener Sharpy Twin
  • Stickers „Superhero“
  • Lanyard
  • Snach Box
  • Gym Bag
  • Throwing Disc

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JOLLY Holiday-Set


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JOLLY Holiday-Set

Aloha !! With the new JOLLY holiday set you become perfect for holiday pleasure! Take the Pastello Bello Colouring Pencil Mix and the 12 bright duo Fibre Tipped Pens and put your imagination on paper using the colouring roll or the drawing pad! Decorate your work easily with the JOLLY superhero stickers. The cool JOLLY throwing disc and the snack box refresh your painting breaks in a perfect way.
The set also includes a JOLLY double sharpener for your Colouring Pencils as well as a JOLLY lanyard. And the best thing about the set: the content is packed in a cool JOLLY gym bag by which you can always take your JOLLY holiday set with you, no matter where your trip is going!

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