Superstick DeltaBreakproof

Product description:

  • Silbentrennen ganz leicht lernen!
  • Rot und Blau auf einem einzigen Stift
  • Schreibfluss und Konzentration bleiben erhalten
  • kein Verkrampfen der Schreibhand

Six-Sided Colouring Pencil red-blue
Dual Tip Pencil for syllable method


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Six-Sided Colouring Pencil red-blue - Dual Tip Pencil for syllable method

This Dual Tip Pencil red/blue is especially suitable for applying the syllable method. Thanks to its two tips in red and blue, all it takes to write individual syllables in different colours is to turn the pencil.

Writing is facilitated, while hand and finger motor skills are stimulated. The JOLLY dual-tip pencil features the tried-and-tested JOLLY Kinderfest lead.


  • six-sided colouring pencils
  • two colours (red, blue)
  • breakage-resistant
  • waterproof
  • ultra-strong wooden sleeves
  • non-toxic
  • CE

Technical details

  • lead diameter: 3.8 mm
  • pencil diameter: 8 mm
  • pencil length: 178 mm

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