Product description:

  • easy to take with you and to use everywhere
  • fill Aqua2go with water and start
  • perfect combination to Jolly Superstick Aqua coloured pencils or with the water soluble crayons



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Brush - Aqua2go

With Aqua2go brush there is painting fun with water always and everywhere!
Simply fill Aqua2go with water, and you’re ready to start colouring! Put pressure on the middle of the brush and regulate with this the water – easy to use!

It works best with Supersticks Aqua from JOLLY! Just paint with the coloured pencil and then dilute the paint with a little water on the paper. Or brush lightly over the paint lead with a wet brush and wipe off the paint. Aqua2go has a water tank, simple filling.


  • prevents water spillage
  • also works with the abrasion of Supersticks
  • cool watercolour effects
  • simply draw colour gradients
  • for opaque paints, Supersticks Aqua and Superwaxies Aquarell

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